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Company profile

Company profile

       Established in 1970s,the profession produces the ¢0.2-¢a cylinder spiral and every kind of spring coil,twist the spring coil and pull the dint spring coil ,product sale Shanghai,Shangxi,Chengdu,continue many years have the honor of acquiring the nature`s work industry a title for excellent kit business enterprise .Be placed in to be in the lead the position in went together.        The company owns the factory premises 1800 squaer meter,fixed assets2.000.000 dollars is above,the technique power is strong,staff,office...


Our service advantage

        Application of spring Nantong Xingyu spring Limited production is extremely wide, with the rapid development of high-speed railway, vehicle damping system upgrade, as the thermal spring forming technology of vehicle suspension has greatly improved。 Daily necessities industry and hardware industry, including lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, fitness, mattress, sofa and so on, in terms of quantity, the maximum demand for spri。。。




Contact: Mr. Xu

Phone: 013906270150

Tel: 0513-84855069

Email: ntxuhong@126。com

Add: No 131 People South Road of Xinling Yangkou Town Rudong Country Nantong City Jiangsu Provence

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